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Houston Expert in Cabling, Phone Systems & Data Networks

Your Business Coherence is Our Priority

TELMART has been installing telephony and wire & data cabling and security and communications technology with over 110 years combined experience. Telmart has installed tens of thousands of CAT 5e, CAT 6 and multi-mode fiber optic cables – all with no phantom problems!

Reasons to Work With TELMART:
  1. We help customers complete projects on time, within budget and without chaos. The #1 difference between TELMART LP and everyone else is our ability to work with YOU the customer and your IT person and your Builder and your Security Company and your Carrier and whomever else we need to work with to get the job done. We help you organize and communicate who will do what and when. We work with you to determine the scope of work and we set up communications between all parties. Everyone does their part and knows what everyone else is doing. We provide leader- ship even if our portion of the project is small. This is critically important. We see small and large projects fall apart with wonderfully skilled and professional groups involved for every task. Why do these projects fall apart? Simply because no one took leader- ship to organize the parties involved, identify what needs to be done and who will do what and then communicate so everyone knows where they stand. CRAZY UNFORSEEN THINGS HAPPEN in every project. When you are organized and in complete communication it is easy to deal with problems and make changes and hit deadlines and budgets. When TELMART is a part of a project, we help it get done with minimum of chaos and trouble. It is that simple.
  2. We are highly skilled and have decades of experience. We have business partners with amazing skills in unique areas. We are highly skilled in many different areas but no company knows everything and for the areas we do not know we have highly skilled, amazing businesses we partner with to complete projects for our customers. Together with our business partners we have the skills and knowledge and experience to help our customers complete their projects properly. We have completed large and small projects for thousands of clients over the years including HCA Hospitals, KB Homes, CEMEX USA, United Surgical Partners, Elite Surgical Hospitals, Lincoln Harris Properties, IT Works, etc….
  3. COST SAVINGS AND ENHANCED SERVICE SOLUTIONS – we often help our clients save money on their telephone service, internet service, and long distance service and with the money savings purchase new equipment and software on a lease purchase agreement. The combined savings and new equipment software purchase pricing is often less per month than what they were paying! Amazing! Enhanced services at a lower monthly cost.
  4. Locally owned and managed and accessible! Customers can call the owner, John Carter, on his cell phone number anytime.

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